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Nothing makes us happier than to be able to share these wonderful real bride's stories in their own words with you each month! It is truly a blessing and an honor when we are choosen by our brides to be a part of this incredible moment woven in the fabric of their beautiful lives. This journey we are on is not about making a quick sale, it is about the honesty and, sincerity of the integrity of the work we are commited to do with each of the lovelies we meet everyday. 


Today we're sharing the gorgeous pictures of this romantic wedding by the sea of bride's Daina & her beau Alan. When we first met Daina she knew exacly what she wanted and was determined to find or designed it especially since she had already found the brand; Anais Anette she liked in the US after shopping with her sister. Thank you Daina for entrusting us with your vision. It was a pleasure to have worked with you:) Xoxo MCB


Enjoy the brief overview of her wedding below in her own words...Thank you Dainai 

My cherished memories were...

The memory I cherished the most was seeing all the people from different parts of the world fly down to Mexico just for us. It was truly an honour. Our wedding group was such a beautiful mix of people and everyone got along so well. We were incredibly touched! 


 My favourite memories were...

My favourite memories were mostly on the day of the wedding, from walking down the isle to officially marrying the love of my life. Dancing all night and people ending up in the pool and finally the little moments amongst guests during the whole week. It was great to see people create friendships! 


What I enjoyed most...

What I enjoyed the most was being able to share such a beautiful moment with people I love and for a whole week! There's nothing like it. Alan and I had traveled to Mexico quite a bit so to see our closest friends and family enjoy the sun and sea as much as us was exactly what we were hoping for. 


What advise would you give...

Advice I would give is to chose whatever type of wedding you and your partner desire. Don't listen to anyone else. If the coulple getting married is happy it will set the tone for the day. As a bride, just let go on the day of wedding. Enjoy every moment and every person and it will make for amazing memories. 





Photo: Gabriel G. Cohen 

Ceremony and reception: Riviera Maya, Mexico

Alterations: Olga of Style Elegance

Dress: Anais Anette from Ma Cherie Bleue

Veil: Laura Jayne from Ma Cherie Bleue

Headpiece: Olivia the wolf

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