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Sharing our real brides and their stories in their own words with you is one of our favourite things to do! Nothing makes us happier than to receive wedding photos from our beautiful ladies whom we've had the pleasure to have met and worked with. It is truly a blessing and an honor when we are choosen by our brides to be a part of this incredible moment woven in the fabric of their wonderful lives. This journey we are on is not about making a quick sale, it is about our honesty and, sincerity of the integrity of the work we are commited to do with the lovelies we meet everyday.


Today we're sharing the gorgeous pictures of our first boho flower child rustic chic bride. Nikki came to us looking the perfect lace dress for her rustic chic wedding but, since she couldn't decide on one gown. Her creative mind took us on an incredible journey taking concepts from 4 AnaisAnette's gowns creating her custom "Nikki" gown. She had made a one-of-a-kind wedding gown for her one-of-a-kind wedding. It was a pleasure to have worked with her:) Xoxo MCB


Enjoy the brief overview of her wedding below in her own words...Thank you Nikki 

My cherished memories were...

One of my cherished memories were hearing my husband say his vows to me, we've been together 10 years and he's very quiet and reserved so hearing him say those words meant the world to me.


My favourite memories were...

My most favorite memory had to be at the end of the night; most of our guests had left except close friends and family, we were dancing with friends that my husband and i have hung out since high school and the dj decided to end the night with our first dance song and so we started slow dancing and singing alone in a small circle then our friends threw us in the middle and hugged my husband and i as we danced...I think I cried more in that moment than the entire day... 


What I enjoyed most...

What I enjoyed the most was celebrating this day with the people who matter to us most, you've never known love to fill a room until it's your wedding day 


What advise would you give...

Try to remember why you're getting married, dont get caught up in trying to impress people or keeping up the Jones'. It's about you and your partner. Also something is guaranteed going to go wrong, you'll forget everything the moment you see him at the altar.




Photo: Greysparrow studio 

Make up: Nelly C Makeup Artist

Hair: Monaco salon

Ceremony and reception: Sous le Charme des Érable

Alterations: Olga of Style Elegance

Dress: Anais Anette from Ma Cherie Bleue

Veil: Laura Jayne from Ma Cherie Bleue

Ma Chérie Bleue prides itself on bringing our Montreal, Quebec brides some of the prettiest one-of-a-kind, unique, romantic, and modern wedding brands for dresses and accessories that can only be found at our boutique in Montreal. In addtion, we provide an incredible shopping experience for each and every bride and guests who visits our boutique.


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Xoxo, Nathale Phillips

President and Founder of Ma Chérie Bleue 







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