Nikki & Andrew...A Love Story

Getting Married, October 1st, 2016

This month's love story is about our enchanting bride Nikki & her beau Andrew who are to be married in less than 24 hours.  From the moment we met her we were smitten by her infectious sense of humour, and loved her creative vision fit for a queen.  She was our very first bride to step out side the box and entrust us with the task of creating her very own one-of-kind Anais Anette wedding dress, fittingly called the Nikki gown. I have to admit I was more nervous than she was for the fit to be perfect when it had arrived. Thank you Nikki for trusting us with your beautiful vision. Our brides are more than just a “sale” they are like family. It’s such a pleasure to have gotten to know you these past months. Enjoy your wedding day! It's finally here.... 


Here is a little more about Nikki:


1. How did you meet your handsome hubby to be?

Andrew and I met ten years ago, in high school. I was a full-out tom boy hanging out with a bunch of boys, Andrew and I's relationship grew when we joined the rugby team, hanging out after practices and meeting on week-ends for friendly games..looking for reasons to tackle eachother. 


2. When, and where is you ceremony and reception taking place?

Our wedding will be on October 1st, 2016 at Sous the Charme des Erables in Saint-Eustache; a very charming, laid-back, country-feel location situated just far enough from the city. 


3. How did that handsome fiancé of yours propose? 

Andrew proposed to me in the only way I would expect him to; in the most redneck fashion possible. He took me ATVing on his birthday, once he got me completely covered in mud we had a picnic in a meadow where he told me the greatest gift on his birthday would be to be his wife.


4. Do you have your honeymoon destination chosen yet? If so, tell us more! 

Italia! Andrew and I both have Italian backgrounds so we wanted to experience where we came from and also enjoy our favorite things, wine, pizza and pasta. 


5. What are you most looking forward to about getting married? 

To forever have someone who doesn't "complete" you, but instead complements you perfectly. Someone, a friend..a  best friend who can be by your side through everything life brings; good and bad.  


6. What did you love most about your experience with Ma Chérie Bleue Bridal boutique?

What did I NOT love? The moment I walked into Ma Cherie Bleue, I felt at home. Nathale and Dora welcomed me like I was family, treated me like a sister and guided me like mothers. They have not only helped me create my perfect dress, but have been by my side ever since; finding a seamstress for me, accompanying me to the alterations, helping me find the perfect undergarments for my dress and even helping me find a make-up artists three weeks before the wedding, because mine cancelled! I've learnt that wedding planning is extremely tiring, but I feel so much better knowing I have professionals on my team ready and willing to help me, because they genuinely want to.



Stay tune for more amazing " Love Stories" from our Ma Chérie Bleue Brides!

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