Vanessa & Max...A Love Story

Getting Married October 8th, 2016

Ma Chérie Bleue has been open over nine months now, and in that time one thing has become very clear: #MCBbrides are the best brides. EVER.  We know that, and we want to make sure everyone else knows it too. Once per month (beginning today) we will be featuring love stories of MCB brides; wether new ones who just bought her dress, and of past ones like Vanessa who can give advice to newly engaged brides on the entire planning process.

First up is the wonderful and ever so beautiful, Vanessa! She was the first bride to say yes to her dress with us on the very first day we open shop. We were so excited when she "said yes" we forgot to celebrate with the customary group champagne toast. She also took home one of the 5 “thank you” gift package giveaways valued over $1000 each. Sincing then Vanessa has been a champion of our boutique and the incredible experience we provide,  referring us to several other new brides. Thank you Vanessa. Our brides are more than just a “sale” they are like family. 


Here is a little more about Vanessa:


1. How did you meet your handsome hubby to be?

We actually met in his basement. I was hanging out with one of his friends, and he invited me to Max's house. It was far from love at first sight, he was horrendous and I hated him. That was almost 8 years ago! The lesson I learned was: Always say yes to a random outing on a Monday night. 


2. When, and where is your ceremony and reception taking place?

We are getting married on October 8, and our ceremony is taking place at the same Montreal church where my parents were married 36 years earlier. The ceremony is being followed by a reception at Plaza Antique. 


3. How did that handsome fiancé of yours propose? 

To appreciate the proposal you have to know Max. He's random. The proposal was random, but so perfect. It was a random Thursday night (May 21, to be precise) at 10 PM, and he showed up at my house in a suit that was filthy from melted ice cream (because I got home later than expected), with a surprise Popsicle, that I was SO excited about. Before I was able to even open my Popsicle (seriously, was so excited about it) he told me that he had another surprise for me, and then proceeded to get down on one knee on my balcony, and pull a ring out of his pocket. Then the ring fell out of its box, I thought that the whole thing was a joke, and he was on his hands and knees looking for

thering. He eventually found the ring, put iton the wrong finger, on the wrong hand, and proceeded to tell me that I was going to be his wife - I didn't really have to say yes, it was more of a statement than a question, haha. 


4. Do you have your honeymoon destination chosen yet? If so, tell us more! 

YES! We're off to Japan! We're going to spend one week exploring Tokyo, then another week on a beach island called Okinawa, and then back to Tokyo for another (almost) week. 


5. What are you most looking forward to about getting married? 

Honestly? It's so cheesy, but getting to hang out with Max all the time. He's really my best friend, so I'm looking forward to getting to see him whenever I want.


6. What did you love most about your experience with Ma Chérie Bleue Bridal boutique?

It's hard to pick what I loved most. I guess it would have to be the insane level of customer service and customer experience. I think that I made Nathale and Dora crazy with the amount of dresses I tried on, and the number of times that I put back on the dress that eventually became mine, but they were so patient, so kind and SO knowledgable about the products that they were selling. I even went back to the store a couple of months later to try the dress on again, this time with a feisty toddler and I was treated like a princess, and so was my niece! I was so pleased with the service that I even bought my veil and headpiece at MCB, because I couldn't imagine going anywhere else.  Nathale also took time out of her day to come with me to my appointments with the seamstress to ensure that my dress was perfect and to her standards. I have never felt so valued as a customer, and this is why I keep referring everyone to Ma Chérie Bleue.  


Stay tune for more amazing " Love Stories" from our Ma Chérie Bleue Brides!

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