The News is out...New Bridal Boutique Opening October 31st in Rosemère!

The Article - When I first got the call from Ericka Cantave from The E-Project Blog; Fashionista, Intellectual enthusiast, friend wanting to write a featured piece on the About Ma Cherie Bleue for her October 5th "Infatuations" blog page, I was flattered. Didn't know where to the end her article captured the essence of why I felt the need to create Ma Cherie Bleue, and my newly discovered passion to make many future brides very happy finding their perfect wedding dress and accessories for their big day at Ma Cherie Bleue. 

For those who haven't seen the link, check it out!



The Radio Station - CIME FM was one of the many radio stations I had reached out to once I realized how I plan to get the word out via media. Let just say only 2 stations took the time to get back to me. When Melanie Briere(Directrice de Comptes) called me I was surprised, but happy she wanted to come out to the boutique, sit and chat about Ma Cherie Bleue and its purpose. We'd made it an early morning 10am appointment and by the time we were finish we had her hooked on the beauty and unique concept that is Ma Cherie Bleue. Twice married to the same hubby I should add, she loved one of our Lea-Ann Belter gown enough so much so she'd joked she would consider a third renewing of her vows. As I made it clear to Melanie, the opulence of the boutique's decor is not to scare our future brides. Our gowns and accessories are carefully priced at an affordable mid price range taking in considerations each designer's suggested markup on cost and the industry standard for made-to-order, hand made with love beautiful gowns and accessories like the ones that adorn our vintage inspired bridal boutique. There is absolutely no other bridal boutique in Quebec like Ma Cherie Bleue, the service, our decor style. 

Ma Cherie Bleue is the alternative for future brides looking for a personalized shopping experience this includes; private shopping and exclusive one of kind bridal gowns and accessories to select from for their big day.



The Business Community - When I got the email last week from CCITB(Chamber of Commerce & Industry Therese-De Blainville) that the President of Rosemere business community (l"AGAR) Gina Bergeron-Fafard wanted to give the new "Welcome" package for new businesses I said great! Instead of meeting them at the office I suggested they meet me at the boutique. Gina was lovely, and very forth coming, she explained the package and how the process worked. She too is an entrepreneur of Vogel Rosemere (Medical & Health) food store for the past 11 years. After which, we reviewed the shop and talked about Ma Cherie Bleue. She's happy Ma Cherie Bleue has joined Rosemere's business community and frankly so are we. The location is perfect! BTW, I was happy to know she is not yet married, maybe a future Ma Cherie Bleue client? You never know!

If you plan to be sucessful, the support of our local businesses and community is key. It's important to get to know them and let them know you. 


Vintage Inspired Ad Mail - We shipped 5000 units of these beautiful vintage inspired post card style ad mail with a 25 mile raduis (North shore, South Shore, Montreal) mid last week, so keep and eye out. Our heart felt thanks to Anais Anette to allow us to use their 2016 campainge photo for the face of the ad mail. These gowns are available to purchase at Ma Cherie Bleue.


 The News Paper - It was obvious from the start which news paper we wanted to feature our ad.

Journal Métro was the likely choice, it have the exposure, and it's the most locally read. We are featured one day each week for the next 3 weeks. This will allow us to test the water and if sucessful then we will increase the exposure. So please keep an eye out and feel free for share this link with friends and family. Once again, thank you Anais Anette for the photo collaboration.









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