2016 Wedding Dress Buzz... All Brides will Adore!

     Because we are opening the suite around the same time the New York Bridal Fashion Week is happening we will not be able to share with you first hand our favourite bridal designer's gowns rocking the run ways. But, no worries! we are still able to share with you the latest, greatest bridal buzz. 

    We are not surprise to see designers bigs and small, breaking through the conventional wedding dress mould, showing new styling details that's fast becoming favourites;  feathers! plunging necklines! and 3D florals that the modern, classic, and romantic brides will adore!

     As per LAUREN FRANKFORT from Brides.com many of the new details are focusing

on creating layers and dimensions to the gowns. How exciting for our brides, our designers and gowns offer these choices of similar styles for our unconventional brides to choose from.

     Whether it's 3D floral lace applique that literally bloom off your gown. Skirts, skirts, skirts;  sheer skirts; the resurfaced overskirts of various shapes, tiered skirts are back in a big way with flowing layers of tulle, silk and organza turning heads as you walk down the aisle. The use of soft details creating extra movements and fluidity, wave details with swirling patterns that replace the perennial brocades and florals. Fun feathers found at hemline, underneath a peplum, or as a waist embellishment.  "Sensual" is the buzz word of 2016 whether it's plunging necklines, sexy thigh high slits and a peak-a-boo keyhole's at the bust, and the OMG illusion bodices. Edgy power pant suit is also holding its own. It’s your year to walk down the aisles in any of these beautiful gowns of your choosing. LET'S GO SHOPPING!!!


Go to (http://spring 2016 wedding dress trends/bride's.com) to see more trend-setting gowns.


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