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'Tis The Season 🎄for Giveaways and Savings!

It’s fair to sat it's been a hell of a year. 2020, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. So many postponed and cancelled weddings. So many loved ones lost. So many businesses closed, and livelihoods lost or broken. The list goes on and on.

So we have decided to focus on some positives vibes because we all could use it!

Good news, we have decided to extended the holding of the dresses we presently have in storage to be picked up to the end of March, at no additional charge. For those of you who do not have the place to put it or you simply do not want to see it before it’s needed. We do not mind. And it’s our pleasure to help.

Photograph by Photography By Katie-Marie https://www.instagram.com/photosbykmt/

MU by Gabbie McGuire Beauty https://www.instagram.com/gabbiemcguire/

Those of you who came out to see us this year, whether for wedding dresses, bridal party dresses, accessories, shoes or to shop our new jewelry collection. Thank you 🙏🏽Your support means everything 👍🏽 And congratulations to those who have joined our MCB family. We are looking forward to walking your journey with you.

Now for the good stuff! We have partnered with some of our wonderful designers to give you a chance to win some great items for the holidays. So if you are not already following us, click the link here 👇🏽And join the fun and our journey! Not to miss out!

https://www.instagram.com/macheriebleue/?hl=en 1. 🎄FLATS Giveaway- CONTEST CLOSE

Talaria flats 🥿 Congratulations 🎉 Mirka

2. 🎄SHOES Giveaway- ENDS DEC. 14TH

Bella Belle Shoes 👠 Draw on the 15th. Head over to our IG page for all the details!! Don’t miss out! Click the link to participate 👇🏽 https://www.instagram.com/p/CIkot2kjo_L/?igshid=14msgd614ubaf


Jade Oi Studio Jewelry Launch Dec. 15th. End Dec. 21st. Draw on Dec 22nd. Head over to our IG page and join us not to miss out on all the fun! Click the link to participate 👇🏽 https://www.instagram.com/macheriebleue/?hl=en


Pia Gladys Perey Silk jersey dresses for a party of four girls. Value of 1500$+ THIS IS BIG!! Launch Dec.18th. Ends Dec. 23rd. Draw Dec 24th. Head over to our IG page and join us not to miss out on all the fun! Click the link to participate 👇🏽 https://www.instagram.com/macheriebleue/?hl=en

Even if you are not getting married, share it with and support someone who is 🙌🏽💗 _____________

BIG SAVINGS - @SAY YES” TO THE DRESS & YOU SAVE THE TAXES A one time deal - We are supporting local by having our LAST TRUNK SHOW of the year for Canadian designer Lis Simon Wedding Gown. Purchase your gown and save on the taxes! A Great deal!! Promotion ends Dec. 20th.

We don’t have a lot of spaces left! Click the link below 👇🏽 and secure your appointment today! https://www.macheriebleue.com/appointment-rendezvous BONUS! Take home your complementary bottle of bubbly with the purchase of your gown 🍾 to celebrate 🎉 with family and friends!

See you soon!

Happy Holidays! Good luck to everyone! Stay safe !!

Xoxo 😍 Team MCB Ma Cherie Bleue https://www.macheriebleue.com

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