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ShutDown Extended, Curfew Imposed

With the number of daily COVID-19 cases seemingly spiralling out of control during the holiday shutdown, the Quebec government is imposing an overnight curfew as of Jan. 9th from 8 pm to 5 am and extending the closure of non-essential businesses for a month, until Feb. 8th to slow the spread of COVID-19. Fines could be as high as 6000$ if found not complying with these restrictions.

We realize the upcoming month is going to be a critical one for some brides.

For those who have production of goods in works, please be rest assured all are still producing on schedule to the shipping dates shown on your invoices.

For the brides who are returning to purchase their gowns, Dora will be reaching out to each of you to reschedule accordingly. However, if you would prefer NOT to wait for the reopening to purchase your dress, we will be happy to arrange a virtual measuring session via Zoom or FaceTime and proceed from there. You can also reach us at 450.818.8388.

For all January appointments, including the ones made for the Anais Anette or the Alyssa Kristin Trunk, we have reached out to each designer and are looking into rescheduling. Follow us here on https://www.instagram.com/macheriebleue/ for updates and announcements if you are not already doing so. Dora will be reaching out to each of you to reschedule accordingly.

Curbside pickup will be available starting Jan. 11th from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.

By appointment only. Pickup days are; Thursday, Friday and Saturday, until after Feb. 8th.

Invitation: Bride + 1 only. The pickup location is designated to the 2nd floor of the reception area.

In-store shopping is prohibited until after Feb. 8th.

If you require accessories, advise Dora when booking the pickup appointment and we will book you in for a later date.

The pickup process is simple.

Buzz upon arrival to be let in.

The Bag will be prepared and waiting.

If you require a seamstress for your wedding dress, let us know. Before arriving, we will email you the contact information. She is located in Montreal.

Please arrive wearing a mask (no exceptions).

We know this is not what any of us wants, but as long as Covid-19 remains out of control, we need to beat this thing for our children, family, friends and fellow workers.

Picture by Photographer @manoucheka_lacherie

Mask on! Keep safe!

See you soon,


Ma Cherie Bleue

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